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Frieze Invites | Friday Playlist | Charlie Fox

by Charlie Fox

Each Friday we invite a writer or artist to create a playlist for our YouTube channel. This week’s selection is chosen by regular Frieze contributor Charlie Fox.

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The Dharavi Food Project

by Prajna Desai

Image from the Dharavi Food Project at The Dharavi Biennale 2015

Early in February, while organizing content for the exhibition display of the Dharavi Food Project which I curated for The Dharavi Biennale 2015, I found termites in my flat. A powdery tunnel had surfaced on the wall behind stacks of…

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Interview: Ben Lerner

by Max Liu

Ben Lerner, 2014. Photograph: Matt Lerner

Ben Lerner is the author of two critically acclaimed novels and three collections of poetry. Like its forerunner Leaving the Atocha Station (2011), the author’s latest novel 10:04 (2014) – described in its own pages as ‘neither fiction nor non-fiction’…

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