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Edgewise: A Picture of Cookie Mueller

by Travis Jeppesen

Gary Indiana, Cookie as My Ex Boyfriend, 1980, photographic print

Joy and madness are not polar opposites, or if they are, then they at least reside on the same pole, and what is most interesting, perhaps, is the pole itself: the thing that unites them and ensures the permanency of…

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Living in the Future

by Matthew De Abaitua

Living in the Future, Issue Two

Living in the Future is a small magazine of essays, fiction, speculations and poetry, exploring science fiction ideas and the ‘science fiction-like phenomena’ emerging in the contemporary world. What are these emerging ‘science fiction-like’ phenomena? Not space exploration, aliens or…

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Charlie

by Jörg Heiser

Why we have to debunk, in the wake of the Paris attacks, the defensive reflexes, and the narcissist victim-blaming.

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