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Postcard from Dublin

by Gemma Tipton

Eva Rothschild, 'Someone and Someone', 2009, installation view as part of 'Vestibule', Merrion Square, Dublin. Aluminium, enamel paint, 4.5 x 4 m. Courtesy: the artist, Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London, and Modern Institute, Glasgow; photograph: Evan Buggle

What is it with Dublin, art and rainbows right now? First it looked like a coincidence: Mark Garry’s ‘Mound II’ (2014), a framed arc of coloured pigments, was ethereal and barely-there at his pleasantly gentle Kerlin Gallery exhibition. This rainbow…

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Perth Train Station. Photograph: Chris Fite-Wassilak.

‘Which way are you voting on 18th September?’ The man behind me is recounting an encounter with Scandinavian colleagues who have an interest in Scottish sovereignty. We’re on a small 40-seat plane about to land in Wick, on the north…

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Postcard from Varese

by Hannah Gregory

James Turrell, Varese Portal Room, 1973

Set in the cedar-dotted hills of Lombardia, above the town of Varese, the Villa Panza is the former home of the prominent collector Guiseppe Panza di Buimo. Varese is one of those Milanese second home kind of places, where on…

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