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by Zoe Pilger

Bar in Madrid. All photographs: the author

At 2am in a sherry bar in Madrid, we are talking about La Cabina (The Telephone Box), a 30-minute political horror film, made by Antonio Mercero in 1972, three years before the death of General Franco and the end of…

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Losing Ground

by Kristin M. Jones

Kathleen Collins, 'Losing Ground' (1982)

As Kathleen Collins’s witty and piercing drama Losing Ground (1982) begins, Sara Rogers (Seret Scott), a young philosophy professor, is concluding a class on Existentialism. Afterward a male student approaches to tell her he has read a book on Jean…

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Solidarity Exhumed: Civil Rights in Exhibition

by Morgan Quaintance

Members of the ‘San Francisco Ad Hoc Committee to End Racial Discrimination’ protest outside the Oakland Tribute building, 4 September, 1964. Photographer unknown.

At a number of recent public talks in London exploring aspects of the past, present and future of feminist discourse and action, a recurring question has been asked from the floor.1 Tentative and anxious not to cause offence, a male…

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