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Was Malevich an absurdist?

by Noemi Smolik

Kazimir Malevich, Self Portrait, 1908-1910, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Kazimir Malevich, who is the subject of a retrospective at London’s Tate Modern until 26 October, is generally considered a difficult mystic. Most scholarly attempts to explain the artist are tinged with a creeping unease – never fully admitted to…

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Ger van Elk 1941–2014

by Bart van der Heide

_Ger van Elk, The Co-Founder of the Word O.K.- Marken, 1971/1999_

The influence of Dutch artist Ger van Elk on the burgeoning stages of conceptual art in the 1960s remains undisputed. In 2009 van Elk, who passed away on 17 August 2014, was awarded a prominent position in the exhibition ‘In…

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Postcard from Edinburgh Art Festival

by Cicely Farrer

Shilpa Gupta, Where do I end and you begin, 2012, neon, installation view at The Old Royal High School, photo: Stuart Armitt

During a panel discussion on themes of community and the commons as part of the opening day of the Edinburgh Art Festival, Canadian curator Kathleen Ritter cited the necessity for ‘incoherence’ when understanding narratives of the past and, in this…

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