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Maggie Nelson’s ‘The Argonauts’

by Stephanie DeGooyer

A.L. Steiner, Untitled (from 'Puppies & Babies'), 2012, colour pigment print. All images courtesy: the artist and Koenig & Clinton, New York

In her new memoir The Argonauts (2015), poet, writer and art critic Maggie Nelson meditates on a set of oxymorons: the pregnant woman who thinks, the mother who writes and the queer who procreates.

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An Interview with Larry Bell

by Amy Sherlock

Larry Bell, '2D-3D: Glass & Vapor', 2015, London. Courtesy: the artist and White Cube

Since the early 1960s, the American artist Larry Bell has produced a remarkably coherent body of work motivated by an ongoing interest in the interface of light and surface. Associated with the California ‘Light and Space’ movement of the 1960s…

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Postcard from Madrid

by Jill Glessing

Gruppe Arbeiterfotografie, Stadtplannung für wen? (Town Planning for Whom?), 1978, installation view in the open-air exhibition of the BINA (Initiative of the citizens of the north of the historic center), Cologne.

Punishing unemployment and government austerity still plague Spain, yet its capital continues to display a staggering amount of diverse art. Contributing to the surfeit is the annual photography festival, PHotoEspaña, offering 74 exhibitions across Madrid alone (it is reviewed in…

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