Frieze Academy

 A unique programme of talks, in conversations and short courses exploring all aspects of the worlds of art and culture

Upcoming Events

Image courtesy of Juno Calypso
Seaweed Wrap, 2015

How to run engaging social media campaigns. Early bird offer ends 26 December


27 Jan

How to succeed as an independent publisher. Early bird offer ends 26 December


17 Feb
Creative Direction by David Lane and Photography by Roe Ethridge for Issue 09 of The Gourmand 

How to create a dynamic vision. Early bird offer ends 26 December


10 Mar

Past Events

Practical advice on becoming an art writer with Jennifer Higgie


7 Dec

A full-day course on art writing in Berlin


18 Nov

A full-day course hosted by Tom Morton with curators Jenni Lomax, Sally Shaw, Laurence Sillars & Clarrie Wallis 


11 Nov
Phyllida Barlow 'demo' Kunsthalle Zurich, Installation view Photo: Annik Wetter

Phyllida Barlow discusses her life as a sculptor


1 Nov