Frieze Sculpture Tour - Meet the Artists

With Reza Aramesh, Michael Craig-Martin, Thomas J Price & Emily Young hosted by Louisa Buck

9 Sep 2017
10:30am - 1:00pm
Chester Road, Chester Gate, Regents Park
NW1 London

A private tour of Frieze Sculpture in the English Gardens of London’s Regent’s Park in the company of four of the 25 artists featured this year: Reza Aramesh, Michael Craig-Martin, Thomas J Price and Emily Young hosted by Louisa Buck. From the playful to the political, these works encourage new thinking on the social role of sculpture and the way it reflects on the human condition.

The artists will offer their personal motivations behind each of their works, from inception, through to the material process, and details on scale and technique. Afterwards, participants will be transported to The Mandrake Hotel, where there will be the chance to further explore the artistic practice and context of these contemporary sculptors in a Q&A session, followed by a Ruinart brunch on the terrace.

Reza Aramesh works in photography, sculpture, video and performance, Aramesh's profound understanding of the history of art, film and literature is ever present in his work. Mass media imagery, typically of recent wars and armed conflicts, becomes the source material for a wide range of works, all of which he titles Actions. His anonymous subjects become actors in his exploration of the mechanism of violence.

Michael Craig-Martin works with parallel practices in painting and sculpture, his art navigates the contradictions of representation.

Thomas J Price works across a range of media, encompassing sculpture, film and photography. His figurative sculptures challenge expectations and assumptions, these sculptures function as psychological portraits of his imagined subjects – usually male, usually black – whose features are in fact an amalgamation of sources: observed individuals, 'types' represented in the media, and ancient, classical and neo-classical sculptures.

Emily Young's approach allows the viewer to comprehend a deep grounding across time, land and cultures. Her practice methods underscore her deep preoccupation with our troubled relationship with the planet, in her combination of traditional carving skills with the use of technology when required, to produce work that is both contemporary and ancient.

Main Image: Reza Aramesh, Metamorphosis - a study in liberation (detail) 2017. Photograph by Stephen White.

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