Weekend Reading List

From Teffi to totalitarianism: what to read this weekend

  • The sci-fi novel was born in 1616: so claims the writer John Crowley

  • Can you handle philosophy? Ludwig Wittgenstein and the door-handle

  • ‘That wasn’t my 1980s’ – Dale Peck on the art and culture of that much maligned decade 

  • Should critics with theories be treated with suspicion?

  • Is democracy a state of mind? The politics of psychoanalysis

  • Pablo Picasso and totalitarianism – T.J. Clark revisits the painter’s mural The Fall of Icarus (1958)

  • Why have theories of intersectionality ignored matters of economic transformation?

  • As interest in Teffi continues to grow, Sophie Pinkham explores her relationship to the Russian Revolution

  • Should artists 'think global'? Conceptualism and its contexts

Paul Clinton is a writer and is lecturer in curating at Goldsmiths, London. His book Other Hunting will be published by Ma Bibliotheque in January 2019.

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