There is a serious gap in curatorial knowledge when it comes to both showing the work of disabled artists and ensuring accessibility in galleries

By Chris Sharratt

The art world’s dining rituals reinforce its class barriers – which is why we should value the museum coffee

By Dan Fox

Nothing has more alienated food from its function than digital culture

By Fanny Singer

How dystopian literature influenced the meal replacement industry

By Chris Fite-Wassilak

From The Wicker Man to Ari Aster’s latest film, joyful sounds can reveal the darkest worlds

By Adam Harper

The lumbung, or rice barn, sets the stage for the group’s documenta opening in 2022

By Ruangrupa

Reckoning with the legacy of Jim Harrison, whose writing portrayed women like meals – meant to give pleasure and comfort, without having any hunger themselves

By Julia Langbein

Ahead of her retrospective at London’s Whitechapel Gallery, the artist speaks to contributing editor Fernanda Brenner about the themes of hunger and hybridity in her work

By Fernanda Brenner

Artist Dena Yago on food, affect and the Silicon Valley workplace

By Dena Yago

A visa application system which is often opaque, bureaucratic and racist – exacerbated by the prospect of a no-deal Brexit – is becoming a headache for art workers

By Chris Sharratt

The artist reflects on the natural organisms and systems that have inspired his work at Salmon Creek Farm

By Fritz Haeg

The closure of part of the 2019 Aichi Triennale reflects a broader climate of aggression, censorship and nationalist revisionism 

By Andrew Maerkle


Gucci - 23 Aug 2019

An exploration of the radical techno movement that originated in Detroit 

frieze video - 15 Aug 2019

frieze commissioned film: Artist Duggie Fields leads a tour of the home and studio in London’s Earls Court that he’s lived in for more than 50 years (and once shared with the musician and co-founder of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett)

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