frieze magazine

Issue 202

April 2019

Simone Fattal talks to Negar Azimi about her archaeological and formal explorations in collage, paint and sculpture; Pablo Larios investigates how the Bauhaus is being decentred from the Western canon; Cal Revely-Calder pens a picture piece on Samuel Beckett’s Gucci bag; and Hannah Black, Howie Chen, Jamillah James, Ajay Kurian and Suhail Malik share their sobering glimpses into how the project of artistic freedom has been co-opted by the far right.

Plus, 30 reviews from around the world, including reports on the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art at Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, and two major solo shows by Mai-Thu Perret at Mamco Genève and Spike Island, Bristol.

Plus much more!

Luca Frei, Design for Pillows, 2017, gouache, pencil and collage on foamcore, 100 × 70 × 3 cm. Courtesy: the artist and Galerie Barbara Wien, Berlin; photograph: Karl Isakson

On the centenary of its founding in Weimar, ‘bauhaus imaginista’, which takes place in eleven countries, revisits the Bauhaus with an eye to global experiments in radical artistic pedagogy

By Pablo Larios
Samuel Beckett photographed with a Gucci bag by Lucio Berzioli, 1971. Courtesy: Archivi Paraboli

How much to read into Samuel Beckett’s flirtation with fashion?

By Cal Revely-Calder
Rhoda Kellogg, Untitled, c. mid-1980s. Courtesy: Kindergarten Association, San Francisco, CA

frieze’s Editor-at-Large considers what it means to move on

By Dan Fox

A new series of sculptures is inspired by the Book of Genesis

By Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith

‘Black people don’t fear the dead, it’s the living we worry about’

By Nadia Latif
Stan Brakhage filming The Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes, 1971. Courtesy: © 2019 Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh; photograph: Michael Chikiris

Lynne Tillman on the clash between real-life and expectation

By Lynne Tillman
 Lafawndah, Ancestor Boy, 2019. Courtesy: K7 Music, Berlin; photograph: Mathilde Agius

Recent R&B albums by Kelela, Lafawndah, serpentwithfeet and Solange tune to newly radiant blues

By Harmony Holiday

As the world tips towards more reactionary and fascistic regimes, what does it mean to call for artistic freedoms that implicitly reproduce oppression?

By Multiple Authors

A provocative exhibition at Casa Luis Barragán reframes the architect’s home and studio through his class and gay identity

By Evan Moffitt

The Hong Kong-born artist showcases the darkly comic potential of cartoon visuals

By Harry Thorne

On the centennial of Cunningham’s birth, how does his legacy prompt us to talk about othered bodies?

By Marissa Perel

Commissioned by Emmanuel Macron, the restitution report by Felwine Sarr and Bénédicte Savoy has paved the path for former colonisers to return art and artefacts

By Nicholas Mirzoeff