Boris Groys

From environmentalist epics to Norse mythology and the re-emergence of Russian cosmism: John Holten surveys the best books of 2018

By John Holten

Boris Groys on 25 years of contemporary art in Eastern Europe

By Boris Groys

From intellectual freedom to the Republican Party convention: what to read this weekend

By Paul Clinton
Illustration by Lauren Rolwing

Does looking at, or reading, something online change its meaning?

By Paul Teasdale
Hugo Ball im kubistischen Kostüm während des Vortrags „Verse ohne Worte“, 1916

Is the activity of artists overshadowing their art?

By Boris Groys

Boris Groys in conversation with Brian Dillon

By Brian Dillon
Boris Groys speaks at Frieze Talks 2008. Photograph: D Taylor/Frieze

Is design the new religion?

Boris Groys (MIT Press, Cambridge, 2008)

By Brian Dillon