What the frieze editors have been reading this week

By frieze

The controversial addition to Manhattan’s west side is emblematic of the triumph of digital spectacle over real experience

By Glenn Adamson

The London firm’s bold, contextually astute renovation of the 1990s gallery pays homage to the functional forms of Britain’s ur-New Town

By George Kafka

‘His work opened a pathway to design for me that no architectural school or practice could’

By Mae-Ling Jovenes Lokko

Has the great designer lost sight of what it means to make things that matter?

By Glenn Adamson

‘I knew, while trying that chair, that I wanted whatever the future had to offer’

By Cody Delistraty

A swathe of renovations and extensions across the UK capital suggests an appetite for a different kind of architecture

By George Kafka

‘Boom obsesses over every element of design – including the textures and scents of her books, as well as their appearance’

By Alice Rawsthorn

The New York department store honours a longstanding relationship between contemporary art and window dressing

By Glenn Adamson

Seeking to address the inadequacies of current educational models is an urgent and ambitious task, but this show’s answers fall into nostalgia

By Beatrice Leanza

If the new V&A is Dundee’s public face to the world, it underscores the motto of the city’s famous resident: ‘think global act local’

By Hettie Judah

Ahead of his first solo in the UK, why the late California-based sculptor’s material sensibility and countercultural ideals deserve reappraisal

By Glenn Adamson