Sponsored Content - 12 Dec 2017

Kosovo-born Sislej Xhafa's first exhibition in Germany speaks to the artist's concerns around identity politics and his birthplace

Sponsored Content - 08 Dec 2017

With her current solo show at Anton Kern Gallery, New York, the Dutch-American artist explains her travelling, hybrid procession-protest piece which uses graphic design and portable sculptural pieces to champion women’s rights

Asif Kapadia and Krishnan Guru-Murthy in conversation at Frieze Talks 2017

The Academy Award-winning filmmaker in discussion with news anchor Krishnan Guru-Murthy about media, truth-telling and complicity

A new documentary portrays the Italian village that has performed plays about itself every summer for 50 years 

By Sierra Pettengill

The filmmaker on being placed on a terror watch list, aesthetic approaches, and Julian Assange’s gender politics in her new documentary Risk

By Yohann Koshy
Eduardo Williams, The Human Surge, 2016, film still

Eduardo Williams’s new documentary focuses on the cruelty of the job market for young people in three different countries

By Ela Bittencourt
Errol Morris, The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography, 2016, film still. Courtesy: Fourth Floor Productions and Moxie Pictures

Errol Morris’s new documentary is a touching portrait of photographer Elsa Dorfman

By Ela Bittencourt
Malcolm Le Grice, Castle 1, 1966, installation view DESTE Foundation, Athens, 2004. Courtesy: The DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art; photograph © Fanis Vlastaras & Rebecca Constantopoulou

Documentary - 25 Sep 2016

Matthew Noel-Tod looks back on 50 years of the London Film-makers Co-op, a radical and egalitarian organization founded in 1966

Documentary - 19 Sep 2016

On the 25th anniversary of frieze magazine, co-editor Dan Fox reflects on how publishing and contemporary art have changed

Len Lye, Rainbow Dance, 1936, film still. Courtesy: The British Post Office, Len Lye Foundation, Govett Brewster Art Gallery and New Zealand Film Archive

The final part of this week's Culture Digest: some favourite documentaries available online

By Jennifer Higgie

The second part of this week's Culture Digest: some of the best archival documentaries freely available online

By Jennifer Higgie

This week's Culture Digest focuses on the power of documentaries: first up, an interview with the producer of a film profiling a Sicilian judge called ‘the most threatened man in Italy&rs

By Jennifer Higgie