Frieze 200

A series of specially commissioned drawings for frieze's 200th issue

By Stanya Kahn, David Shrigley and Bedwyr Williams

‘I held (and hold) his ideas and ethics like a compass’

By Lauren Cornell

‘Your songs are always full of colour and samples, beats and melodies, dizzying rhythms and more melodies still’

By Sukhdev Sandhu

‘A convenient metaphor for emptiness and desolation, the desert is the paradigmatic nowhere’

By Venus Lau

‘It reminds me of my formative years and a time of many firsts’

By Renee So

‘Hong allows revelations to emerge from the most unassuming descriptions of facts’

By Carol Yinghua Lu
Morgan Fisher, Phi Phenomenon, 1968. Courtesy: the artist and Bortolami, New York; photograph: Galerie Buchholz, Berlin/Cologne/New York

‘It offers up a lifetime’s worth of thinking about the incommensurate relationship between filmic time and time as it is lived and experienced’

By Aram Moshayedi

‘With Brexit hanging like a lead weight above the city’s new forest of glass towers, the memory of the Horse Hospital’s stone floor feels grounding’

By Stuart Comer

‘He created rhythmic patterns that sounded, in your mind or on his voice, both adamantine and feline at once’

By Cal Revely-Calder

‘Despite the efforts of Trump and his ilk to deny it, the truth is out there’

By Christy Lange

‘Too cool for life too cool for death’

By Stanya Kahn

‘I took his reviews in the Independent to be the baseline; what all art criticism looked like’

By Tim Smith-Laing